Renting out 1 room of 2ROK

Gustavsberg -
28 maj
1/ Rum
30/ m2
Inflyttningsdatum:Omgående inflyttning
5 500 kr
28 maj


Månatlig hyra
5500 kr


Renting out 1 room in my 2ROK apartment from June. Apartment is in Gustavsberg, Värmdö. There are busses(2 mins from the apartment) running to Slussen tunnelbana, it takes 30 mins and runs in every 20 mins. Quiet, clean, financial responsible people may apply. Verification of income and at-least Swedish residence permit required. Only English spoken here. The rules in or around property: No smoking, no excessive drinking, no vaping, no illegal drugs, no aggressive behavior, no pets. 5500 SEK/month with a month-rent deposition for a total move in cost of 11000 SEK. El and wi-fi is included with the rent. Shared kitchen, bath, balcony, etc.

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